Going for Gold in Chiral Amine Synthesis

thumbnail image: Going for Gold in Chiral Amine Synthesis

Going for Gold in Chiral Amine Synthesis
A diphosphine binuclear gold(I) chloride complex catalyzes the asymmetric hydroamination of alkenes

Amines are synthesized most effectively by hydroamination of unactivated alkenes, the enantioselective version of which is best achieved by metal catalysis. Binuclear gold(I) complexes can catalyze the hydroamination of alkenes, however, the harsh and stringent reactions conditions required have prevented full development of this metal for synthesis of chiral amines. In addition, the exact catalytic species involved and whether the activating silver salt participates haChiral Amine Synthesis remained a mystery.

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Chiral Tin Participates in Radical Cyclizations


Chiral tin hydrides generate radicals and transfer chirality in the cyclization of aldehydes
This offers an insight for the future design of catalytic asymmetric radical reactions.

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