This is a great web site for obtaining physical data on organic compounds, including m.p., b.p, density and spectra.
nist-red.gif (395 bytes)
Chemistry Webbook
This web site is particularly useful for obtaining thermodynamic and spectral data on organic compounds.
Aldrich A catalog of compounds sold by the Aldrich Chemical Company. Data on compounds is included.
 Periodic Tables:”
CST Web Team
Hazardous Chemicals University of Akron
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
sn2.gif (1679 bytes)
Tutorial on the SN2 Reaction Mechanism.   This site has a Quicktime movie of the reaction.

Below are websites with Chemistry Quicktime Movies.

cyclohexane Quicktime movies of conformational changes in ethane, butane, and various cyclohexanes.

Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds
National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research
Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
Additonal NMR Spectra
chem1.gif (1170 bytes) Bryn Mawr College Library Web site.
Database of NMR Spectra

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