Debiopharm and Aurigene dual c-src / jak inhibitors

New Drug Approvals


Debio 1142

Jak2 tyrosine kinase inhibitor; Src tyrosine kinase inhibitor


Molecular Formula:C33H32F3N7O2
Molecular Weight:615.64809 g/mol
Benzamide, N-​[3-​[7,​8-​dihydro-​2-​[[4-​(4-​methyl-​1-​piperazinyl)​phenyl]​amino]​-​5-​oxopyrido[4,​3-​d]​pyrimidin-​6(5H)​-​yl]​-​4-​methylphenyl]​-​3-​(trifluoromethyl)​-

Debiopharm S.A., Aurigene Discovery Technologies Ltd.

ALLISTER Andrès MC, Maximilien Murone,Saumitra Sengupta, Shankar Jayaram Shetty

Bicyclic compounds and their uses as dual c-src / jak inhibitors


Apr. 14 /PR Newswire/ –Debiopharm and Aurigene Sign Agreement for the Development and Commercialisation of Debio 1142, a Novel Inhibitor of an Undisclosed Oncology Pathway

LAUSANNE, Switzerland and BANGALORE, India, April 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Debiopharm Group(TM) (Debiopharm), a global biopharmaceutical development specialist that focuses on serious medical conditions and particularly oncology, and Aurigene Discovery Technologies Ltd (Aurigene), a Bangalore-based drug discovery company, signed on March 23, 2011 an option and exclusive worldwide license agreement concerning the development and commercialisation of…

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