CARMEN DRAHL….Tribute to a Great Writer

New Drug Approvals


Award-winning science communicator and social media power user based in Washington, DC.

interviewing, science writing, social media, Twitter, Storify, YouTube,
public speaking, hosting, video production, iPhone videography,
non-linear video editing, blogging (WordPress and Blogger), HTML website

We have been reading her for the past several years and a inspiration for many


Carmen Drahl (@carmendrahl) | Twitter

Carmen Drahl – Google+

Carmen Drahl


Princeton University

Ph.D., Chemistry

2002 – 2007

Ph.D. with Erik J. SorensenShe was on a team that completed the first total synthesis of
abyssomicin C, a molecule found in small quantities in nature that
showed hints of promise as a potential antibiotic. I constructed
molecular probes from abyssomicin for proteomics studies…

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