Logistics of process R&D: transforming laboratory methods to manufacturing scale

New Drug Approvals

The manufacture of a | omeprazole (racemic product; top), and esomeprazole (the (S)-enantiomer; bottom), including b | a flow chart of the process for the …

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery2, 654-664(August 2003) | doi:10.1038/nrd1154

Logistics of process R&D: transforming laboratory methods to manufacturing scale

Hans-Jürgen Federsel

In the past, process R&D — which is responsible for producing candidate drugs in the required quantity and of the requisite quality — has had a low profile, and many people outside the field remain unaware of the challenges involved. However, in recent years, the increasing pressure to achieve shorter times to market, the demand for considerable quantities of candidate drugs early in development, and the higher structural complexity — and therefore greater cost — of the target compounds, have increased awareness of the importance of process R&D. Here, I discuss the role of…

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