Many Little Pieces That Shan’t – Poem (after tragic tragic murder of kids in Pakistan)

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I can only imagine the deep deep anguish of parents of the children who lost their lives to terrorists in Pakistan.
Here’s a poem dedicated to the parents, for whom the pain will live forever.

A mother looks over her 15-year-old son Mohammed Ali Khan, who was killed by the Taliban gunmen

Many Little Pieces That Shan’t

My child, my heart has broken into many little pieces
In tiny pieces, it’s torn with fury, sadness, numbness

To give warmth, one piece will lie beside you
Six feet under cold cruel earth, always loving you

One will fly heavenward, with you in tandem
I am mother not by chance, it’s not  random

One shall go to demand justice, to HELL
My bleeding heart will go with the evil

In one small piece of my heart, I will try to fill
All your love and then will make time stand still

What I won’t do is pick up the pieces, I just can’t
My heart’s broken into many little…

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