Pi-Process Intensification Experts LLP at CPhI Mumbai India 3rd Dec 2014…My visit

New Drug Approvals

I (Dr Anthony) seated with Dr Vijay Kirpalani CEO of Pi-Process Intensification Experts LLP
at CPhI Mumbai India 3rd Dec 2014
Pi-Process Intensification Experts LLP

Process Intensification

Creating competitive advantage through Improved and consistent quality, high efficiencies and maximum flexibility.

Safer, Cleaner, Smaller, Cheaper and Smarter processes , The basic principle of Process Intensification is to fit the equipment to the process and not process to the equipment, as is the case now.

Process Intensification can achieve drastic improvement in the time cycle and yields as well as converting batch processes to continuous process using specialized set of equipment. The design philosophy in process intensification is to design a process which has Chemical Kinetics as its only limitation. See the illustration below

“Process Intensification by Kinetics alone controlling the reaction, using specialized equipments; modification / telescoping of process steps achieves drastic reduction in time cycles and converts batch processes…

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