Microwave to Continuous Flow Tech Transfer


I’m not sure if it was in the generic scheme of the reactions performed, the authors of the work or the title translating microwave methods to flow that got me: truth is it was a bit of all three in a recent publication (Beilstein JOC 2011). The scheme had a para-nitro diaryl ether, which for me means an amine handle with multiple substitution patterns on both rings — reliving my sorafenib days at Bayer ( I did a lot of Ullmann reactions, uugh, although the microwave did prove handy!). The authors of course are front and center of the flow chemistry community and lastly there have been a number of papers taking microwave methods and transferring them into flow methods — and I do believe we will see more of these. It’s meaningful and there are advantages to both.

Although Dr. Watts and Dr. Wiles probably didn’t have…

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