Dr. Crasto’s news on Continuous flow for drug synthesis


As I mentioned in the past week, I will take some time to provide some of Anthony Melvin Crasto’s information of flow approaches to drug discovery and API synthesis — maybe I should rename this CF list of the week – we shall see. It certainly opened my eyes to how much work is going on in pushing flow chemistry to application in drug discovery — and so many of our readers want to keep up with the latest thoughts and trends. Here is this week’s news:

CF for Rufinamide

A report (Org Process Res Dev 2014, ASAP article) out of Jamison’s group at MIT, provides a 3-step synthesis of Rufinamide in 92% overall yield. The process illustrates a continuous and convergent method, moving away from the isolation of a key organic azide intermediates and a Cu coiled-tube reactor for the cycloaddition reaction to the corresponding desired triazole.

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