Chemists succeed in isolating carbon-gold compound of “amazing stability”

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Chemists succeed in isolating carbon-gold compound of “amazing stability”

Gold carbene model: The Au=C double bond in the gold carbene compound is the bond between the large golden atom in the middle and the slightly greenish atom below. The position of the atoms was derived from an x-ray crystal structure analysis. Credit: Matthias Hussong and Bernd F. Straub, Heidelberg University

With a chemical “trick”, scientists at Heidelberg University have succeeded in isolating a stable gold carbene complex. Chemist Prof. Dr. Bernd F. Straub and his team are the first to have created the basis for directly examining the otherwise unstable gold-carbon double bond. Prof. Straub explains that highly reactive gold carbene molecules play an important role in landmark catalysing processes taking place at high speed. The research findings have been published in the German and the international edition ofAngewandte Chemie, a journal on applied and fundamental chemistry.

Chemical reactions can be accelerated with the aid of catalysts…

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