Time for an asymmetric hydrogenation

Developing the Process

      God, I am really slowing down on this blog.  Sorry, folks.  I am currently working on the sister website, my own personal website, PHARMNBIOFUEL.COM and got quite involved with that one.  Hopefully, it will roll out soon.  You are welcome to stop by.  Anyhow, I always take a look at the ASAP articles on Organic Process Research & Development, to see what articles are coming out so I can get a preview.   I will only refer to this one by its DOI because it is not published yet.  I thought this would be an interesting article, because everyone has had the need to do an asymmetric hydrogenation.   I remember working on a hydrogenation and it was decided that we would hydrogenate our substrate, resulting in two enantiomers, carry the racemate forward and separate the diastereomers at the end of the synthesis by SMB chromatography.  I think there was some work done…

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