13C NMR OF SIMPLE MOLECULES…………..Brush up….???

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ما هو هذا، لماذا أنت قلق، فرشاة مع الأشياء البسيطة، وسوف يخرج عبقري، وتعلم معي، قطرات صغيرة من الماء جعلالمحيطات، وسوف يكون خبيرا في هذا

what is this, why are you worried, brush up with simple things, you will come out genius, learn with me, small drops of water make an ocean, you will be an expert in this



Name: 1,2-dimethoxymethane


From the molecular formula, the compound has “0 degrees of unsaturation” (no double bonds or rings).

C13 SpectrumThe 13C NMR has two peaks, a quartet at  54 (a CH3) and a triplet at  80 (a CH2). Since the molecule has four carbons and only two 13C NMR peaks, there must be symmetry. Both peaks are in the regions where carbons next to electronegative atoms occur…

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