4-methoxyphenyl methanol, (4-メトキシフェニル)メタノール NMR, IR , MASS

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Structure: structure

IUPAC Name: 4-methoxyphenyl methanol

C6H1O3; MW = 138.17

The molecule contains two oxygens, and from the analysis, contains four double bonds, carbonyls or rings. The large number of degrees of unsaturation strongly suggests an aromatic compound (DU = 4).

The mass spectrum displays a molecular ion, which is the base peak, an m-1 and an m-17, all of which are consistent with a simple alcohol.

The 13C spectrum contains six peaks, indicating that the molecule has some elements of symmetry. The quartet at  56 and the triplet at  71 represent a CH3 and a CH2 group which are deshielded by electronegative atoms (most likely oxygen); the peaks at  161 – 128 are in the aromatic region; the fact that two doublets and two singlets are observed strongly suggests 1,4-disubstitution.

The proton NMR also shows evidence for aromatic 1,4-disubstitution…

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