The Claimed Intermediate database by Tcipatent Ltd

New Drug Approvals

Eddie Kehoe

Eddie Kehoe

Principal & Technical Director at Tcipatent Ltd

Hove, Brighton and Hove, United KingdomPharmaceuticalsThe Claimed Intermediate – a Structure Searchable Process Patent Database for Marketed Pharmaceutical Drugs (INNs).
Patent examining, searching, analysis and abstracting especially in the Chemical subject area.



The Claimed Intermediate is an online database
which covers Process Patents for Named Marketed Pharmaceutical Drugs – whether intermediates are claimed or not – for a low-cost subscription.

  • Structure Searchable
  • Includes INNs in at least one major Market
  • Includes Drug Synthesis often buried in a Plethora of Patents
  • Informs Pipeline decisions
  • Provides targeted Patent data in a Visual form
  • Informs Commercial Synthesis profitability

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shared message from Eddie Kehoe

If anybody would like a trial of the database they could contact either myself, or my wife and fellow director, Pat Kehoe (

Here are temporary logons , please request trial

(deactivated automatically…

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