Top 10 Best Cities for Scientific Research Positions in US

TGI: Thrive Health

Scientific research positions are experiencing a renaissance in the U.S., after decades of declining math scores and outsourcing. One of the biggest sources of research scientist jobs continues to be the federal government, as stories involving science and public policy grab the headlines. Medical research scientists will also be in high demand as the U.S. population ages over the next few years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition to the federal jobs, there has been a growth of medical scientists employed by universities and institutions in order to maintain research funding. In the private sector, pharmaceutical companies and medical instrument manufacturers are adding another layer of medical research due to regulations and global competition.

Best US cities for research scientist jobs are:

San FranciscoNew YorkBoston, Texas and Seattle. Meanwhile, another college town, Boulder, CO, has collected some of the top medical…

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