Facile and Efficient Bromination methods

find excellent bromination methods in


http://jcsp.org.pk/index.php/jcsp/article/view/4428/3126  is the link


Scheme: Ragents and conditions: (i) NaI,DMF, ca. 80 °C, 8h, 60%;

(ii) Br2 (1.2 equiv),CH2Cl2 ca. -25 °C, 30 min, 88%;

(iii): Br2 (2.1equiv), CH2Cl2, rt, 25 min, 94%;

(iv): NBS (5.0equiv), PEG 400, SiO2, rt, 6 days, 62%;

(v): Br2 (4equiv), 150 watt, CCl4, 2.5 h, rt, 75%;

(vi): NBS (1.0equiv), PEG 400, 0 °C, 7 days, 90%;

(vii): NBS (3.0equiv), 150 watt, CCl4, 2h, reflux, 82%;

(viii): NBS(1.0 equiv), PEG-400, 7 days, 0 °C, 56%.



this is in J.CHEM.SOC.PAK, VOL 34,NO 3, 2012




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